Research Interests

Post-Doc at University of Helsinki Department of Computer Science, Algorithmic Data Analysis (Algodan) Centre of Excellence

Research interests:

- Computational Creativity, Artificial Intelligence, Commercializing Innovation, Intelligent Advertising, Semantic Web, Cognitive Science, Big Data, Cloud Services, Human-Computer-Interaction, Creativity Support Tools

PhD thesis in Computer Science (Comp. Sci),  Computational Creativity:

Tommi Opas, PhD thesis: “An Investigation into the development of a Creativity Support Tool for Advertising

In recent years, there has been a strong interest in developing Creativity Support Tools for many exciting areas of research such as art and music. Yet few such tools have been developed to support creativity in advertising. This is unusual since advertising, like art and music, is a highly creative endeavour of the human mind. The goal of advertising is to transform a communicational objective of a product or a service into a creative idea. A tool that would enhance the development of creative ideas in advertising would be highly beneficial for the advertising industry and possibly shed light on the mystery behind creativity.